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Why eCurriculum?

Meets Your Needs

Customized Curriculum: eCurriculum conforms to you, you do not need to conform to eCurriculum. eCurriculum matches your district’s language, process, and forms, providing a smooth transition into your new system with no big changes for the district.

Website Incorporation: Easily incorporate eCurriculum into your district’s existing web site. Link course guides, curriculum maps, and resources directly to your district or school’s websites for a seamless integration.

Editable Content: Create, edit, or update new or existing curriculum content easily with a simple word processor-like editing feature which allows non-technical users to maintain control over curriculum content.

Data Migration: Throughout the implementation and integration of the system, we work with you to help migrate site-specific data into your new system to ensure the easiest possible transition.

Why eCurriculum?
Why eCurriculum?
Cut Costs

Faster Training: Teachers learn our system quickly through the intuitive user interface and a curriculum implementation designed to mirror the existing state curriculum. Typical users (teachers with a non-technical background) learn our system in about 20 minutes.

Non-Paper Based: Our web-based system ensures that curriculum-related processes scattered in paper files throughout multiple offices are now streamlined and automated.

Teacher Efficiency: Reduced paperwork means increased teacher efficiency. Quick publication of and access to curriculum-related information.

Access Information Anywhere

Information Control: Maintain control and awareness of curriculum plans including course goals, assessment strategies, and benchmark sequencing by viewing and updating existing curriculum standards and plans.

Teacher/Student Expectations: Keep everyone in the communication loop. Students know what they’re expected to learn, teachers know what they’re expected to teach, and parents see the big picture of their child’s educational experience.

Anywhere/Anytime Access: With eCurriculum’s web-based functionality, parents, students and teachers always have access to current information.

Why eCurriculum?
Why eCurriculum?
Get Started Quickly

Intuitive Interface: Designed with the non-technical user in mind, completing tasks with eCurriculum is a snap. A point and click interface and an intuitive control system provide absolute control over an array of powerful features.

Custom Curriculum: Interfaces are designed to mirror your district’s existing curriculum, so teachers can quickly and easily get up to speed.

Recognizable Processes: Since the system is customized to match your existing processes, teachers are not forced to learn a new way of managing their curriculum. They are simply given a new tool to make the process more efficient and effective.

Maintain Security

Target Your Audience & Maintain Control: Ensure that specific information does not get changed without proper approval. Guarantee that certain users can only perform designated tasks, or are only allowed access to specific pieces of data.

Organize User System: Organize user information and account data. Create custom user groups and organize users to maintain system security settings ranging from all encompassing user groups to individual user permissions.

Share Information: Share certain curriculum information with parents, students and the community to keep everyone on track to ensure academic success for every student.

Why eCurriculum?